The law is an ass… except when it isn’t.

You may have read the story about the teenage boy who has been acquitted of the second degree murder of his father with a hunting rifle. In my view there’s nothing extraordinary about the court ruling – on the facts the Judge felt that the accused had acted in defence of the lives of himself and his mother.  What’s interesting in this case and has so far passed without comment by the old stock media is the fact that the boy’s grandfather, to whom the gun in question belonged, may have broken the laws regarding the storage of firearms.  According to the National Post:

In the early hours of Aug. 5, 2013, H once more witnessed his father beating his mother in a relative’s home. H found bullets under his grandfather’s bed and loaded a hunting rifle.

Firearms are to be stored unloaded, with either the bolt removed or a trigger lock in place and without access to ammunition.  The fact that a thirteen year old boy was able to access the gun, obtain the ammunition and then use it suggest that either the gun, or the ammunition, or both were not being stored in compliance with the law.  If that law had in fact been followed, his mother may well have been killed, and possibly him too.

Luckily, the law came good in the end and after two years on remand he he was acquitted and walked away with his freedom.

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