As obvious as the nose on your face

Sigh. Will the JFK case ever be put to rest?   Apparently there’s a declassified report out suggesting that the CIA knew a great deal more about the assassination than it ever let on to the various commissions that investigated the killing.

According to the declassified report, the CIA decided to tell the Warren Commission only the “best truth” about Oswald. Having taken that decision, the CIA kept information from the inquiry that would almost certainly have led the inquiry down a different path.

Among the most important information McCone and other officials failed to divulge was that the CIA had spent years plotting the assassination of Fidel Castro.

Of course the CIA suppressed a good deal of information about what it knew about Oswald leading up to JFK’s assassination.   Not because it was complicit in the assassination but because the implications for the world should the truth come out would have bwwn terrible.

The theory that the assassination of JFK was payback from the Cuban regime for attempts made on Castro’s life is a sound one.   However, Oswald had few if any directions to the Cuban regime.   What he did have were extensive connections to thethe Soviet Union, having lived there and married a Russian woman before returning to the United States.   Now the Soviet Union wasn’t exactly a free society and there is no way that Oswald would have been able to leave it and return to America (with a wife no less!!) unless it served the regime’s purposes. Furthermore, he was in contact with both the Cuban and Soviet authorities in the weeks leading up to the assassination. Whether or not Kennedy Assassination was organised by the Cubans, there is no way the Soviets would not have known, if they didn’t actually have a hand in it themselves.

It’s one thing to assassinate a dissident of one’s own country (Trotsky), but to kill the head of state of a rival superpower would have been tantamount to declaring war and we all know the likely outcome of a shooting war in 1963, hence why the CIA kept some things to itself.

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