Election Blog 2015

So here I am 1.30 am over this side of the pond.

So far the Liberals are leading in Atlantic Canada.  They may even take all 32 ridings, though there’s a few that are flipping back and forth between them and the Tories.

Wow, the Liberals are romping in Atlantic Canada.  Does this mean that they’re going to exceed expectations everywhere, or is this region just especially strong for them and pulling their overall polling numbers

Frustrating!  Can’t seem to get any live streams.

Ah, finally some more results.   Liberals surprisingly strong in Quebec, but early yet.

CBC’s already calling it for the Liberals?

Tories seem to be seeing some growth in the Quebec city region.  But again it’s too early to say.

Liberals doing well in Quebec which I have to say is a real shock to me.  Of course it can all change as they’re still early in the counting process.

Ah well, off to bed.  My advice to everyone is to stock up on the popcorn and enjoy the gongshow that’s about to ensue.



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