Zut Alors!

President Hollande, winos everywhere salute you.

I like nothing better than a politician who takes a principled stand.  I like it even better when the stand he takes is against barbaric cultural imperialism.

France’s RTL Radio reports that a formal meal with French President Francoise Hollande and Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani was scrapped after the Iranians insisted on halal fare — meaning absolutely no alcohol.

France refused to entertain the blasphemous concept of wine-free dinner, offering instead to host an official breakfast for Rouhani and his entourage. But the Iranians dismissed the proposal as “too cheap,” according to the RTL Radio report.

I can imagine any number of gormless western leaders who’d have caved when faced by these uncivilized demands.  Rouhani could have stuck to the salad and perrier.


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