Talk is cheap…

So 120+ innocents’ lives were snuffed out last night in Paris by a bunch of Islaminutters.  Yawn.   Frankly I’m bored with this whole war on terror bullshit.  Every once in a while some radical Muslims (who, by-the-way are acting in a manner entirely consistent with ancient and accepted interpretations of the Koran)  blow up/shoot/stab/behead someone and we see the same tired response in the western world as are today.

Hashtag to show your empathy?  Check.

Supposedly poignant Facebook meme?   Check.

Maudlin display of sentiment near the scene of the attack?  Check.

Local Muslims claiming that they are the real victims?  Check.

Vows to get tough on extremists?  Check.

I’ve heard it all before.  Wake me when we decide to get serious with these animals.

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