Please can we have an honest conversation?

One thing that really grinds my gears is the propensity of liberals, socialists, and other bleeding-heart fools (to put it charitably) to mislead people in order to make their points.

My Facebook feed is replete with this sort of behaviour right now.   Take this piece of idiocy posted by one Tom Berntson (and shared by a friend of mine).  Here’s how it begins:

Dear concerned citizens of Canada,

I have noticed a lot of posts from you about Islam, ISIS, the refugee crisis in Europe, and so on, with varying degrees of accuracy. I thought you might like to hear the facts from someone living in Germany, someone you know, someone you grew up with and can trust, rather than a news site with an axe to grind.

First off, I want to dispel some myths. There are no “no go zones” in Europe. The German Bundespolizei, the French Gendarmerie National, the Italian Polizia di Stato, and all other European police forces are some of the best equipped, best trained, most professional law enforcement officers in the world. There is no area of any city in Europe that they would be hesitant to enter, and they have full control over their respective countries.

Really?  No no-go zones in Europe?   You sure about that Tom? Because apparently we can trust you.

Let’s actually look at the facts of the situation.  The existence of no-go zones is widely documented by official sources in at least two European countries – Sweden and France.   In the case of Sweden,  you can find several links to newspaper stories referencing no-go zones here.  More importantly it links to a report produced by the police themselves in which they admit the existence of such zones.

Utveckling i områdena har medfört svårigheter att utreda brott. Polisen har även i andra avseenden svårt att arbeta i dessa områden, bland annat på grund av att omgivningen reagerar mot Polisen vid ingripanden eller genom att angripa Polisens fordon.

Polisens svårigheter med att stävja de nämnda problemen kan vara en bidragande faktor till att allmänheten i flera fall uppfattar det som att det är de kriminella som styr i områ-dena. En sådan uppfattning kan ifrågasattaPolisens rolls om garant för trygghet, och på sikt minskar allmänhetens benägenhet att vända sig till Polisen. Situationen i dessa om-råden är bekymmersamoch har i flera fall medfört att Polisen inte kunnat fullgöra sin uppgift.

Don’t believe me?  Fire up Google Translate and go through the report yourself.

With respect to no-go zones in France, the Gatestone Institute has linked to an extensive list of French language sources including two serious reports that looked at the phenomenon in depth.

And if Tom bothered reading the German papers he’d know that the phenomenon of no-go zones in his native country appears to be moving from myth to reality.  Either he’s lazy, or a liar.  In any event why should any fair-minded person trust the rest of what he has written?

Or take the example of an old university friend who’s a die hard Liberal Party member(I’m not linking to his facebook post because, well, he’s a friend) and clearly feeling a bit nervous about Prime Minister Beefcake’s “25,000 Refugees by Christmas” promise.  A couple of days ago he posted the following:

France’s President stated this morning “…these were French nationals who killed other French nationals on Friday…”
To all those who continue to state the perpetrators were refugees… STOP! Please don’t twist the facts or fear monger. The refugees simply seek a better life.

I haven’t come across anyone yet who has suggested that the attacks were perpetuated by refugees.  No doubt there are people who believe that but they are probably in a very small minority.   However, one of the bombers appears to have entered Europe on a fake Syrian passport which suggests that ISIS may be using refugees as cover for the purpose of inserting its agents into western countries.  But of course the purpose of his post was to try and shut up people who have suggested (quite reasonably) that in light of ISIS’s declared intentions, we need to vet potential refugee claimants very carefully even if it takes a lot longer than a couple of weeks.

Of course similar arguments are being made by American liberals as well.  Take this thoroughly stupid argument made in the Daily Beast;

One of the Paris attackers was supposedly found with a Syrian passport—leading Republican governors here in America to vow to block Syrian refugees from entering their states.

But that passport was a fake, French officials toldThe Wall Street Journal, which means the governors’ freakout over refugees was based, at least in part, on a lie

The authenticity of the passport in question is entirely irrelevant to the question of whether or not there is a credible threat of ISIS infiltrators posing as refugees.  Consider this from the same article:

“There are people who go back and forth to Aleppo or Hama or Latakia or Tartus—you give them $1,000 and a nice photograph, and they’ll print you a good passport,” Abu Khaled, a former member the Islamic State’s internal security service, Amn al-Dawleh, said Monday.

“The guys with the regime are corrupt; they’ll give you whatever you want for money,” he added.

Hasn’t it occurred to the bright sparks at the Daily Beast, that passports issued by regime officials for cash, may be illegal, but they’re hardly “fake”?  How much cooperation could the American government expect from the Syrian regime (which they’ve been trying to overthrow for the past four years) in trying to detect these “fake” passports?   Either these people are stupid or they are deliberately throwing up a red herring.  Either way, why should you believe anything else they write?

One reason why the “War on Terror” has been going on for nearly 15 years now with no resolution in sight is in part because we refuse to have honest conversations about the surrounding issues.   Questions surrounding the nature of Islam, the desirability of allowing significant immigration to the West from Muslim countries and so on, are all ignored or skirted for fear of causing offence.   Unfortunately too many people in the modern world think it is more charitable to tell a lie lest the truth be deemed hurtful.


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