How to become a millionaire

Start as a billionaire and embark on an Independent run for President.

Paul Krugman’s got his panties in a bunch because he thinks that a combination of the Democrats nominating Sanders and a Bloomberg run would hand the Presidency to Donald Trump which just goes to show that an Ivy League education and a column in the Grey Lady doesn’t stop you from writing stupid shit.

Step 1: Democrats nominate Bernie Sanders. I don’t think Sanders is unelectable, but when you look at polling, remember that Hillary Clinton’s numbers reflect her standing after more than two decades of constant character assassination, whereas Republicans haven’t even begun to go after him.

Step 2: Michael Bloomberg decides to save the country by entering the race as a supposed alternative to the two extremes (hey, centrist pundits have been urging him to do that forever, even when Barack Obama was in reality pursuing all the policies they wanted).

Step 3: Some Democrats defect to Bloomberg, because they actually listen to those centrist pundits. Hardly any Republicans do — remember, two-thirds of them currently support Trump, Cruz, or Carson, and anyway they’ve never heard of Bloomberg. Also, New York values.

Step 4: Trump wins a yuuuuge victory

Seriously though, Krugman is underestimating Sander’s appeal to liberal voters and overestimating that of Bloomberg who is really just Hillary Clinton without the rape culture baggage.

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