There are people who believe they’re Napoleon, too.

Surveying the ten minute hate currently being directed at Bishop Fred Henry calls to mind a few observations.

  1.  The great Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals has it exactly right.  There’s lots of deluded people out there, but they’re only coddled and encouraged in their fantasies if their dirty bits are involved.   Come on folks, the science is settled -your chromosones don’t change when you take a knife to the old meat and two veg.  There’s no such thing as gender fairies.

2.  It’s to be expected that Catholic school board trustees (who are politicians after all, even if they’re riding the short bus of          democracy) would be all in for this faddish nonsense, but parents?   These children and teenagers we’re talking about for        fucks sake which means they like nothing better than to act out, create drama and worry their parents sick. Back when I        was growing up (somewhere between the Cambrian and Jurassic periods) we hung out behind the school and smoked            (tobacco!), drank alcohol, and listened to heavy metal.  There’s a tried and true technique for dealing with unruly                      adolescents.  Punish the illegal behaviour and just ignore the stupid.  Leave your “transgender” darling alone and she’ll            revert to he in a few months time when the novelty has worn off.  Or encourage your little darling in his or her delusions,          and precipitate an irrevocable chain of events that probably ends in tears.

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