A bad investment?

The worried investor is the CBC and the dodgy investment is the Liberal Party of Canada.  You see, Canada’s national broadcaster went all in for the Liberals after young Justin promised them a cool $150 million a year during the election campaign.   The only problem is, Prime Minister Beefcake has a tin ear which combined with his arrogance and sense of entitlement suggests that he might turn out to be a one-term-wonder.  And that would be problematic.  Four years isn’t long enough for the Tories to forgive and forget the unfair treatment they received from Mothercorp  during the election campaign, and if Trudeau leaves Ottawa’s finances in as shambolic a state as his mentor has Queens Park’s, then there’ll a be a lot of talk about the urgent need to balance the budget, and with a single digit share of the national TV audience suddenly it’ll be really difficult for a new Conservative government  to justify the extravagance of funding a state broadcaster that nobody watches.

So here they they are reporting Mayor Nenshi’s criticism of Trudeau’s resource put-down at Davos and… why just look at Rick Mercer scolding Liberal Montreal Mayor and accomplished public teat-sucker Denis Coderre for his opposition to Energy East!   Because National Unity!!!!   They’re being pretty gentle about it, really just dropping some subtle hints that the Selfi- King needs to get on top of these problems tout suite before they damage his government.

I doubt CBC headquarters is in full panic mode yet – just a little uneasy.  But if Trudeau’s government crashes and burns as I expect it to, don’t be surprised to see distraught Mothercorp execs throwing themselves off the roof of the building.

This is why it’s never a good idea to put all the family silver into penny stocks.



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