52 F*****G GRENADE ATTACKS!!!!!!

Saturday night and out on the town in Malmo.

That’s right.  52 attacks in which grenades were the weapon of choice in 2016, (up from “only” 48 the previous year) in a city the size of greater Victoria.  Those crazy vikings eh?  And yet the legacy media insists on nitpickng Donald Trump’s unscripted remarks about what happened in Sweden last night.  It’s not going to work as the Daily Wire perceptively notes.

Want to know why conservatives don’t trust the media? It’s because of media overreach suggesting that when conservatives get a specific wrong but the general right, the general is also wrong. That’s not an excuse for Trump making silly mistakes – he’s the president – but it does demonstrate why conservatives are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, so long as he’s talking about real problems the left refuses to contemplate.

Look, there’s clearly something rotten in a certain state near Denmark.  If you insist otherwise you must be a journalist.

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