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The vast Ghanaian gay community of Winnipeg

Do newspapers specifically select for low-IQ when hiring journalists?   Or is a simply lack of curiosity sufficient.  Whatever the attribute, it’s on full display in media stories about the “refugees” streaming across the Canada-US border in Manitoba.   Take this heart wrenching tale in the Winnipeg Free Press of the poor refugee from Ghana who suffered frost bite fleeing the Trumpian dystopia to the south.

 We’ve seen the desperation of refugees risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea to get to Europe, but we haven’t seen any risking their lives crossing the frozen prairie to get to Canada — until now.

On Dec. 24, Seidu Mohammad nearly froze to death walking from North Dakota toward the Canadian border at Emerson.

The man from Ghana spent more than seven hours walking outside and expects to lose most of his fingers.

“It hurts,” he said, through peeling lips from his hospital bed. “It was cold. My eyelids, my ears, they were frozen.” He said he’s grateful that frostbite didn’t take his feet. “I will be able to walk.”

Mohammad was wearing three jackets and gloves and thought he was prepared for the cold. On that day, the temperature in southern Manitoba dropped to -20 C, but there was also a wicked wind gusting to 33 km/h, Environment Canada data show.

Mohammad said a fellow refugee claimant from Ghana with him was taken to hospital in Morris with less severe injuries.

The narrative is dodgy for all sorts of reasons.  Ghana is a relatively peaceful, stable (by African standards) democracy. It’s had it’s share of military coups in the past, but even these have been relatively benign and since the mid-1990s, the country has seen several peaceful elections and transfers of power between different political parties.   Here’s the current travel advisory for citizens of the United Kingdom.  Is it perfectly safe?  No.  But any political unrest/violence is confined to certain regions of the country.  It’s unlikely that any Ghanaian citizen would need to seek asylum… unless they are homosexual perhaps.  As in most of Africa homosexuals are severely discriminated against in Ghana with male homosexual acts illegal.    And lo and behold, wouldn’t you know it, Mohammad claims to be gay.  Don’t believe it for a second.   Reading through the article and a few moments reflection suggest that he’s making it up out of whole cloth.   Just consider some of the facts that appear in the article.  First off, Mohammad’s behaviour doesn’t suggest someone who was particularly fearful for his life and well being.

For Mohammad — who left his home in Ghana in 2015 and spent six months on planes, boats and buses to get to the U.S. before hoofing it into Canada — the perilous journey was worth life and limb.

If you’re in danger in Ghana due to your sexual orientation you can hop a flight to London from Accra for around C$800 and claim refugee status in the UK which recognizes persecution for sexual orientation as a valid reason for an asylum claim.   Or for a little more you can fly to New York and apply in the United States which also grants asylum for homosexuals.  You can even make an application within Ghana.  Of course, if you’re not very confident that your claim will hold up you may decide as Muhammad did to spend six months in transit with all the costs, uncertainty, and danger that entails in hopes of avoiding the immigration authorities in your destination country.   It would have been nice if the reporter had taken the time to investigate Muhammad’s reasons for choosing to travel the way he did, but apparently that would require curiosity which seems to be in short supply at the Winnipeg Free Press.

The article does mention briefly that Muhammad sought asylum in the United States but was refused.   Surely there’s a story here?  On what grounds was his application made and why was it refused?   But apparently this information is of no interest to the good citizens of Winnipeg.

Then there’s the other Ghanaian refugees who make an appearance in the story.   Since we’ve already established that Ghana is an unlikely source for refugee claimants, we must presume that they’re also gay and in danger of persecution for their sexual orientation if they return to Ghana.  How did they come to be in Winnipeg?  Were they also refused asylum in the the United States?  What percentage of asylum applications made on the basis of sexual orientation are refused in the United States?   Does the United States discriminate against homosexual refugee claimaints?   Enquiring minds would like to know, but enquiring minds are just what is in short supply at the Free Press.

Everything about Seidu Mohammad screams FAKE, SCAM, FRAUD.  He’s almost certainly an economic migrant masquerading as a refugee.  He’ll most likely be refused asylum eventually and if we’re lucky he’ll be sent home to Ghana.  Meanwhile though, thousands more “refugees” will take heart from the credulous coverage in local media such as the Winnipeg Free Press and choose to have a go at gaming the system wasting scarce resources and putting themselves in real danger.  And Canadians will continue to be misinformed about what is happening on our southern border allowing the problem to fester unchecked until it all of a sudden blows up.

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