I’ve been saying for months now…

…that Donald Trump represents Benjamin Disraeli’s One Nation Toryism transplanted to the United States.  And where your fearless correspondent treads, better-known voices eventually follow.  Melanie Phillips writing of yesterday’s by-elections here in the UK:

…The by-elections point to something rather bigger that is now taking place. The Conservative party is in the process of destroying any electorally viable alternative to itself.

This is because it has turned itself into the champion of the things that are of overwhelming importance to the British working class. These are stopping mass and unsustainable rates of immigration, restoring control over national self-government and working to make Britain once again a prosperous global trading nation, restoring in the process patriotic pride in national identity and in values such people recognise, identify with and share…

In the US, President Trump is doing exactly the same in attracting the support of millions of working-class Americans. He’s done this by promising to restore jobs and defend the US against radical Islamism, thus giving ordinary Americans hope again in the future and in the idea that their country itself has a recognisable future.

I think it’s too early to be certain that the Tories are returning to their “one-nation” roots but at present it certainly looks that way.   And just like Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is rendering itself unelectable, so it seems are the Democrats.   While neither the Tories or Trump are invulnerable they appear to have hit upon a message that resonates with their electorates.

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