Democrats- you really don’t want to go there.

If you laboured under the delusion that the Democratic Party was not overflowing with blithering idiots, the manufactured controversy over a poorly phrased answer by Attorney General Jeff Sessions at his confirmation hearing  should put it to rest permanently.  Personally I find it touching that after three quarters of a century of downplaying first the Soviet, and then the Russian threat, the Democrats in Congress are suddenly seeing Chekists behind every tree because John Podesta fell victim to a pretty mundane phishing scam.   There’s zero evidence that either Trump or any serving members of his administration have colluded with the Russian government and any fair-minded contextual reading of Sessions’s comments will come to the same conclusion as the never-Trumpers at National Review:

It’s clear now that Sessions’s response to Franken was inaccurate, and the whole episode could have been avoided had Sessions been clearer up front. But the context makes it fairly clear that Sessions was denying coordination with the Russians about the presidential election. There is no indication that Sessions willfully misled the Congress; based on what we know so far, Democrats’ perjury accusations are fantasy.

According to Congressional Democrats, this is a firing offence because no sitting senator has ever, ever, ever met a Russian ambassador or other representative of the Russian Government and therefore Sessions must be a spy or something.  Of course Sessions isn’t going to resign, but all the hyperventilating from the Democrats and their media enablers could come back to haunt them.

If any contact with official Russians is a sign of potentially treasonous behaviour (it’s true, Chuck and Nancy both say so) then the Democrats will be in no position to argue if Republicans decide to expand any potential investigation to include contacts that officials serving in past Presidential administrations may have had with the big bad Russians.  After all, their side is sqeaky clean, right?  No high ranking Democrat would ever do something so stupid as to approve the sale of 20% of the United States’ proven Uranium reserves to a Russian state-owned corporation even as her family’s charitable foundation was taking large donations from people involved in the transaction, would they?  Yup, any broad investigation of contacts between American politicians and the Russian government is going to lead straight to one of the more egregious examples of Clinton Corruption.  And the Democrats will have made it happen.

Like I said, these people are imbeciles.  Lucky for them, congressional Republicans are probably too stupid and feckless to run with it.

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