Wine of the Week 04.03.17

When I was younger, I never used to like red wine very much aside from the odd Pinotage. However, since getting into the wine business a couple of years ago, I’ve discovered to my surprise that my palate has changed and that most of my favourite tipples are red.  In fact, when a customer came in a couple of days ago looking to choose a selection of white wines I was hard pressed to recommend more than a few.

One white I can heartily recommend is this Noble Savage Sauvignon Blanc from Bartinney in South Africa.   It may not appeal to everyone – if you like fruity New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs then this might not be the wine for you.  It’s very crisp with a really sharp citrusy finish.  It’s ideally meant for sipping in the garden with a good book on a hot summer’s afternoon but it’s just such a fun wine I can’t help mentioning it.  Noble Savage is Bartinney’s budget range of wines but it’s still several cuts above equivalently priced wines that you’re likely to find in the supermarket or large wine merchants.   Bartinney is a relatively small vineyard so while it’s available here in the UK, it’s not commonplace.   I don’t think it’s available in the USA or Canada (higher end Bartinney products are) so you may have to wait until your next holiday across the pond to get your hands on some.

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