Please! Please! It’s too much winning!

It seems that with the Catholic Church on the verge of open schism a lot of Cardinals who voted for Frankie B in the last conclave are suffering buyer’s remorse.  Or at least that’s what the Times is reporting.  And for once I’m inclined to agree with this pillar of the mainstream media.   Such regrets should come as no surprise given the steady stream of hatred and disdain directed at devout Catholic laity and clergy by the current occupant of St. Peters.   The vast majority of Cardinals hold diocesan offices – they’re Archbishops, shepherds in charge of their flocks and they’ll be well aware of the discontent and demoralization of the laity and priests in their care.  It should come as no surprise if these Cardinals who may have voted for Francis in good faith believing him to be an Orthodox Catholic, regret their choice.

What is surprising is that it appears that some of those who connived and lobbied for Bergoglio before and during the last conclave are growing unhappy with his pontificate.

 “A large part of the cardinals who voted for him is very worried and the curia . . . that organised his election and has accompanied him thus far, without ever disassociating itself from him, is cultivating the idea of a moral suasion to convince him to retire,” Antonio Socci wrote in the Italian newspaper Libero.

The conservative Catholic author and journalist said that the election four years ago of Jorge Mario Bergoglio had been backed by progressive German cardinals and a curia faction impatient with the rule of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

It was the latter faction who now believed that the Pope should resign and who would like to replace him with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state, Mr Socci said. He believed that the group numbered around a dozen, “but the importance of the members counts more than their number”.
Presumably the Times is referring to the group of modernist prelates variously labelled the St. Gallen Mafia or Team Bergoglio who manipulated the conclave process to ensure that their man would get elected Pope (apparently the Holy Spirit didn’t get a look-in).  They put him on the Papal Throne for the express purpose of, as they see it, making the church more relevant to the modern world which he has proceeded to do with gusto.   You’d think they’d be grateful to him for allowing communion for adulterers, attempting to take the first steps to allowing women priests, and rehabilitating Martin Lutherand generally turning Christ’s bride into a cookie cutter simulacrum of your garden-variety liberal protestant righto-on church-lite, but apparently that’s not the case.  Are they growing tired of winning?
I suspect it’s not the Pope’s program that’s giving them pause but his abrasive and dictatorial manner and the possibility that all that power has gone to his head and that he can no longer be influenced or controlled.   That they hope to place Parolin, a Vatican insider broadly in sympathy with their modernizing agenda, on the papal throne confirms this.  There’s just two problems standing in their way.   Firstly, there’s the small problem of actually removing the Peronist from his throne.   Short of adopting the Georgian option I don’t see Bergoglio leaving until such time as he’s reduced the church to smouldering wreckage around him or he expires from natural causes.  Secondly, having foisted the current disaster on the rest of us, I suspect that any attempts by these corrupt prelates to “talk up” their favoured candidate at the next conclave are going to be studiously ignored.
Maybe the Holy Spirit will even get a look-in next time.
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