South Africa circles the drain.

“Give me vast tracts of land”

A worrying bit of news which you’re unlikely to find in the legacy media, is that President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, beset be accusations of corruption, is looking to turn white farmers into a convenient whipping boy in order to boost his popularity.   Last month Zuma called for the constitution to be changed to (presumably) allow confiscation of farmland without compensation.   The constitution already makes provision for land ownership reform, which have been implemented in some parts of the country, but which has elsewhere stalled, so Zuma’s proposals seem to be aimed more whipping up black populist emotions than righting an injustice.  So far, the parliamentary ANC seems to be resisting his proposal.

I have more than an academic interest in the issue as we sell some excellent South African wines at the shop and  I expect that wealthy ANC cronies would fail as spectacularly at winemaking as wealthy ZANU-PF cronies did at farming.

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