Why I will spoil my ballot on June 8th.

My preferred electoral outcome.

Tomorrow, the 8th of June is polling day for the general election.  As general elections go, it’s an important one as the nation grapples with serious issues – Brexit, energy policy, parlous national finances, and after the attacks in Manchester, and London,  Islamic terrorism.  Unfortunately, not one of the parties has shown during the election campaign that it is capable of addressing any of these important issues.  In fact some of them are promising to make things much worse.  I’ll still be trekking down the parish hall to do my civic duty but I’ll be deliberately spoiling my ballot as there is nobody worthy of my vote.  I strongly recommend that you do too and send a message to the people trying to wreck this country.






If you can stomach waking up to this, you’re probably a UKIP voter.

I was one a member of UKIP many years ago.  Back then it was a corrupt, incompetent, farcical, factional organization.  It’s still a corrupt, incompetent, farcical, factional organization that no longer has a reason for existence.  If you can even find a UKIP candidate this election, it probably won’t do any harm to vote for it as a protest vote, but it’s bound to leave you feeling dirty and ashamed the following morning  – kind of like sleeping with an elderly whore because you really felt the urge but couldn’t afford quality.  Why not exercise some self-control instead and send this one-trick pony off to the glue factory.




Liberal Democrats

He voted Lib-Dem

I have never voted for the Dim Libs, I probably never will, and that advice holds for this election.  This party is a putrid, festering boil on the British body politic.   Half of its members virtue-signalling “good whites” who are well to the left of Labour and the other half are classical liberals who are to the right of most of the Tory Party.   In my experience they are dishonest and will do anything in pursuit of, if not power, at least a few seats on the gravy train.  They don’t have any principles because they can’t agree on any – except one – they’re fanatically pro-European Union. While most of the country including most of those who supported Remain have moved on from last year’s referendum and accept Brexit as a fact of life, the Dim Libs want to fight the battle all over again and hold a second referendum.  On the other big questions the Lib Dems are only concerned about appearing fashionable.  Do not, under any circumstances vote for these perennial losers.



Erotica for Corbynistas.

People who know me will be shocked to hear it, but I’ve got some sympathy for some of the Labour Party’s campaign promises, particularly re-nationalization of some public utilities, and its (on the face of it) realistic approach to Brexit.  However, I cannot in good conscience vote for them for a very simple reason – Jeremy Corbyn, a 68 year old man who has failed to outgrow his days as a hard-left student radical. This man cannot be trusted to defend the country from Muslim terrorists because his natural instinct is to see their grievances as justified.  In the past he has materially supported IRA claims to Northern Ireland, and Argentine claims to the Falkland Islands.  This is not to say that Jeremy Corbyn actively wants sharia law, female genital mutilation and all the other delightfully vibrant and diverse practices that Islamic extremists cherish so much; to him, the fact that they are attacking and killing British subjects in the streets, restaurants, and arenas of London and Manchester  appeals to his own religiously-held belief that Britain as presently constituted is a racist, imperialist, misogynistic, Fascist, Christian hellhole that must be purified and reformed.  And because he’s been touched by the hand of God Marx, Jeremy Corbyn is remarkably relaxed about the threats and intimidation his supporters direct towards Labour Party dissidents.   If you’re dumb enough to vote for this retrograde communist, you’ll learn to suffer in silence – or face a baying mob of antifas lobbing molotov cocktails at your front door.


The Tories

She has such nice shoes though…

I’m saving the worst for last.  Let me put it bluntly – the Conservative Party, under the leadership of Theresa May constitutes a direct threat to the prosperity and livelihoods of millions of Britons through its disastrous approach to Brexit.  Nearly a year after the referendum, it’s clear that the Prime Minister and her advisers have absolutely no clue as to the enormity of the task facing in in trying to extricate Britain from the European Union smoothly with minimum disruption.   She and her henchmen are still threatening a hard Brexit which would have immediate and catastrophic consequences for the British economy (and would also cause a lot of pain to many of our trading partners in the EU).  If you don’t believe me, spend some time at Richard North’s blog where he’s laid out in excruciating detail what happens if we take the “no deal” route that Theresa May keeps threatening.  And if you think that after the latest terrorist outrage in London that the Prime Minister’s talk of getting tough is refreshing, just remember that it’s just that – talk.  In her six years as Home Secretary, Theresa May repeatedly promised to reduce the annual numbers of non-EU immigrants (something entirely within the power of the government to do) to the “tens of thousands”.  Today, immigration is as high as ever and  as usual the Tories are talking tough for our benefit while assuring their donors that they’ll keep importing lots of cheap, subserviant brown people in order to keep wages down and profits up.  In other words, Theresa May fully intends to keep importing future terrorists like  Salman Abedi, Khuram Butt, Rachid Redoaune, and Youssef Zaghba.   What she will do to combat terrorism is regulate your ability to criticize or blame the ideology that inspires the terrorists.

If you fancy a double-digit drop in Britain’s GDP, the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the demise of your ancient liberties then by all means vote for the muppets in blue.  If, on the other hand, you want a roof over your head and food on your plate, and the right to speak the truth, then it’s best to avoid the Valley Girl in Number 10.


Other Parties

By other parties I mean all the various minor Celtic/Sectarian parties dedicated to stoking ethnic grievances.   With the possible exception of Sinn Fein, none of them are particularly interested in genuine independence – they’re just keen to loot the public purse, preferably at the English tax-payer’s expense.   If you live in Northern Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, and you vote for them expecting real change more fool you, but for the most part they’re just a bunch of pretty harmless trough-feeding politicos with charming accents.  Since this post is aimed at English voters, I make no recommendations.


Why spoil your ballot?

Will spoiling your ballot materially affect the outcome of the election?  Of course not, but given the choices on hand, no matter how you vote, we’re still careening towards disaster on many different levels.  You could choose not to vote, but in doing so, you’re essentially acquiescing to the final result.  When you spoil your ballot you make a public statement rejecting the miserable choices our political class has foisted on us in this election.    So by all means go to your local polling station tomorrow but instead of marking an X beside one dishonest blaggard or another  come up with a creative way to tell these cretins exactly how you feel about them.

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