Rachel Notley, Hatemonger.

“Honest Guv’nor, it’s a “Roman” salute.”

Does Rachel Notley’s libelling of an entire religious group remind you of any other political movement?   No?  Try reading the passage below after substituting Jewish for Catholic and ritual murder for spousal rape.

Catholic schools in Alberta do not plan to teach and do not want to teach and never contemplated teaching kids it is alright for a person to rape their spouse.

An oft-repeated news report earlier this week says Catholic school superintendents take issue with sexual consent by a partner in marriage.

The report refers to documents sent by Catholic school superintendents to the NDP provincial government explaining Catholic teaching on sexuality.

Premier Notley hits the roof. At this point you have to wonder how in heaven’s name could the premier even think Catholics believed someone raping their spouse is permissible.

I doubt that Notley really believes that the Catholic Church is cultivating rape culture in the marital bed, but the opportunity to pick a fight with Jason Kenney was just too tempting.   Who cares if it exposes a quarter of the province’s population to hatred and contempt.

Section 319 of the Criminal Code is there for a purpose.  Somebody, preferably lots of somebodies need to contact their local police force and file complaints against their hatemongering premier.

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