About Me


Who are you?

I’m a Canadian living in England.  I used to practice law but now I’m the owner of a bookshop/wine merchant located in the picturesque market town of Ilminster in South Somerset.   Some of you may remember my old blog (now defunct) The Surly Beaver from a few years back.   Lately I’ve found myself posting a fair bit on Facebook, but I find the format constrains what I have to say.


Who is Zebedee and why did you name your blog after him?

In the New Testament, Zebedee was the father of the Apostles John the Evangelist and James the Lesser, nicknamed Boanerges or Sons of Thunder because of their fiery dispositions.  As it happens those are the names of my sons and the noise from their squabbling often reaches thunderous volumes.  Throw in the fact that Zebedee was a fisherman and I grew up on the West Coast with family members in that industry and the name seemed apropos.


What’s a Man Blog?

I’m a man and I’m writing a blog about things I like or about which I believe I have something interesting to say.  The blog subtitle says books, cars, wine, and politics, but my interests extend beyond that.


Are you going to cover fashion?

No!  What do you take me for.  A hipster?


What about Pop Music?

That depends.  Does Rammstein count as pop music?


What are your politics?

I used to be a lot more political.  Now I’m mostly just a cynic. But if I had to sum up my political beliefs then I would describe them as LMTFA.  I’ll leave you to figure out what that means.


I think you’re offensive.

Is that a tingle running up your leg?



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